Right of appeal

Our Customers have the right to appeal any decisions made in relation to any of the services provided by or on behalf of the Road Safety Authority. Details of our appeal procedures are available here

Driver Theory Test

If you think that a wrong decision has been made regarding your driver theory test, speak to the Driver Theory Test administrator before leaving the Test Centre or you can appeal against the decision, using appeal forms available at each of the Driver Theory Test Centres and request that Prometric (the theory test provider) re-mark the test.

You must:

  • Appeal within ten working days
  • Enclose a further fee

When they get your appeal, they will re-mark your test and give you the result within five working days.

Staff from the head office will conduct the re-marking of your test. If it is found that the original marking was wrong they will:

  • Refund the fee enclosed with your appeal
  • Issue you with a theory test certificate

Driving Test

Article 33 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961 provides for an appeal to the District Court. The Court may affirm the decision of the tester or direct that a further test be offered to you free of charge.

In order to begin appeal proceedings, you must lodge your appeal with your local District Court Office. You must supply them with a writen outline why you feel the result of the driving test was unfair.

NCT result appeal

If you believe your vehicle should not have failed its NCT test, you should speak to the manager of the test centre before you leave.  The manager may agree with you. If not, you may appeal the decision in writing to the Customer Service Department, NCTS, Lakedrive 3026, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, within 14 days of the test.  Complaint forms are available at test centres. NCTS will respond with 2 weeks.

If you are still dissatisfied you may lodge a formal appeal with the Independent Appeals Board (IAB), 61a South William Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 01 617 9000. Email: [email protected]    You will be required to pay an appeal fee equivalent to a full test fee.  If your appeal is upheld the fee will be refunded and a test certificate will be issued.

Commercial Vehicle test result appeal

If you believe your commercial vehicle has received an incorrect test result, you should speak to the competent person (manager) of the test centre before you leave.  The competent person may agree with you. If not, you can appeal the decision to the Authorised Officer for Vehicle Testing in the Local Authority where the test centre is licensed.

You should appeal the decision as soon as possible after the test

Ideally you should

  •  not use your vehicle or get your vehicle repaired until the Authorised Officer has had the opportunity to inspect the vehicle (note: it is an offence to drive a vehicle on a public road without a certificate of roadworthiness).
  • put your appeal in writing to the Authorised Officer for Vehicle Testing outlining why you believe your vehicle received an incorrect test result

ADI Registration

If we refuse registration or remove your name from the ADI register, you can appeal this decision in writing within 28 days of getting the refusal letter. You should send your appeal:

The Registrar,
ADI Unit,
Road Safety Authority,
Co. Mayo