After You're Qualified

The information you need on becoming an RSA-approved driving instructor

Voluntary Code of Practice 

The Voluntary Code of Practice (PDF) outlines the expectations that the RSA, your colleague ADI’s and your customers expect of you.  

ADI’s are invited to sign up to the ADI Voluntary Code of Practice. 

All ADI’s who sign up will have the quality approved Q-Mark added to their ADI contact details on the RSA website.


Managing your EDT students

Your ADI role in EDT

Your role as an ADI is to provide timely advice and guidance to the learner to ensure positive outcomes. The EDT programme does not cover the full set of skills needed by a competent driver. To become a competent driver, you should advise a learner to:

  • prepare for each EDT session
  • undertake supervised practice between sessions
  • take extra driving instruction if they need it

Further guidance is available to you through your local ADI Examiner.

Managing EDT in the EDT Portal

You must upload completed EDT sessions to the EDT portal.

In the EDT portal you will be able to:

  • upload session records
  • view completed sessions
  • manage logbooks
  • order logbooks

Using the MyEDT portal, your learners will be able to login and view their own EDT records.


Documents to support your role in EDT

LDT syllabus(PDF 426kB) —complete LDT syllabus covering all the competencies a safe driver needs.

EDT syllabus(PDF 748kB) —lesson content and expected outcomes for the 12 EDT lessons.

Learner driver EDT Information Booklet(PDF 288kB) —information on the practical aspects of EDT for learner drivers; the EDT syllabus is included in the booklet.

ADI EDT Guidelines(PDF 272kB) —information on the implementation of EDT for ADIs; the EDT syllabus is included in the Guidelines.

Sample Learner Logbook(PDF 2MB) —sample of the EDT logbook, in which the learner’s progress is recorded; allows for input by the ADI, the sponsor and the learner.

Reduced EDT Information Sheet and Reduced EDT Information Booklet

EDT guidelines for an ADI

Please review the full description ADI guidelines for the EDT process


Staying Qualified

Every 2 years you must:

You must complete both as soon as possible after you are notified by the RSA. You risk being removed from the ADI Register if your re-registration is late.

Updating your email address

To update your existing email address, please contact [email protected]

Regulations you should be aware of

There are some regulations that you should know as a qualified ADI.




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