Do you have a question about your vehicle and the law?

Here you will find straightforward answers to questions about what standard your vehicle should meet under Irish law.  Please click on the topic below that best suits your query.

Agricultural Vehicles

Braking, Lighting & Visibility, Plating, Coupling, Speed Rating, Towing, Seatbelts, Agricultural & Vintage Tractors, Weights & Dimensions, Work/Ploughing Lamps

Alternative Cars and Fuels

Autonomous or Driverless Cars, Vehicle Safety Features, Electronic and Hybrid Cars, Low Emission Zones

Buying a used car

Buying 2nd hand, Written off Vehicles, Clocked Cars, End of Life Vehicles (ELVs)

Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Weights and Dimensions, Reflective Markings, Cyclops/Class VI Mirrors, Loading & Load Security,Abnormal & Indivisible Loads

Light Commercial Vehicles

Information relating to Light Commercial Vehicles

Heavy Trailers (O3 & O4)

Weights and Dimensions, Roadworthiness Testing, Braking, Lighting & Visibility

Light Trailers (O1 & O2)

Laws on towing a light trailer, Calculating the Towing Capacity, Braking requirements, Driver Licensing, Towing a broken down vehicle

Seatbelts and Safety Restraints

Laws on general seatbelt use, seatbelts in school buses, seatbelts in motorhomes and motor caravans, wheelchair restraints

Special Permits

Who needs a special permit, how to apply, what documentation is required, owners declaration 

Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSVs), Special Purpose Vehicles

Laws on Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSVs) e.g. Limos, taxis etc. Vehicles used for a Special purpose (e.g. armoured vehicles, ambulances etc.) and Mobile Machines (e.g. Cranes, Cherry Pickers etc.)

Type Approval and End of Series

Type Approval Rules for Cars, Light Trailers and Applying for an End of Series (EOS) Derogation

Vehicle Modifications

Laws on modifying, converting or reclassifying a vehicle, Downrating or Uprating, Converting from Private to Commercial (M1 to N1)

Vehicle Parts

Bull Bars, Tyres and Wheels, Spare Wheels, Tyre Labelling, Vehicle Glass and Driver Vision, Window Tinting, Lighting Laws, Emergency Flashing Lights, Fog Lights, HID Lights, DRLs,

Vehicle Recalls

Motor vehicles are legally required to be manufactured in such a way as to be sufficiently safe and environmentally acceptable for road use. In some cases vehicles may be subject to a recall when a particular vehicle component is found to be, or becomes, dangerously or prematurely defective during use of the vehicle. In such instances, the manufacturer is obliged to contact owners of affected vehicles to arrange for repairs and / or adjustments to be carried out.

Vehicle Registration

Applying for a changing a vehicle ownership, Amending the Vehicle Registration Certificate

Two Three Wheeled Vehicle

Motorbikes/Motorcycles, E-Bikes, Pedelecs and Battery Scooters, Rickshaws, Tuk-tuks and Moto-Taxis, Quads and ATVs, Golf Buggies and Ride-on Lawnmowers


Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers, comprising more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat e.g. minibuses, buses and coaches.

Passenger Vehicles