End of Series Vehicles

What is an end of series vehicle, who can apply for an end of series exemption and what information we need to process an application for exemption.

Important Notice regarding end-of-series vehicles

Owing to the continued impact COVID-19 is having on the economy, a 12 month extension for end-of-series commercial vehicles (M2, M3 and N) which have derogations that were due to expire in February 2021 is available under certain conditions.

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Upcoming Changes

On 1 January 2021, vehicle manufacturers of passenger cars and some light-duty goods vehicles will be required to meet stricter emission standards. In addition, manufacturers are required to fit on-board fuel and/or energy consumption monitoring (OBFCM) devices to these vehicles.

The RSA will be granting derogations for vehicles with emission characters DG and AM that had a valid certificate of conformity issued on or after the date of manufacture, and that remained valid for at least 3 months before the new requirement applies.

On 1 January 2021, vehicle manufacturers of L category vehicles (two-wheel, three-wheel vehicles and quads) will be required to meet stricter emission standards. The RSA has prepared a note that explains these changes. This note is available here. The RSA is granting a derogation for vehicles that don’t comply with Euro 5 emission standards.

Refer to the End of Series application form for the full list of derogations that the RSA will be granting.


What is an end-of-series vehicle

In order for a vehicle to be registered in Ireland it must meet certain standards and regulations - this is known as vehicle type approval.

Some vehicles may have conformed to all the relevant standards at the time they were built but due to the passage of time and changes to standards and regulations they may now not meet all of the current requirements to allow them to become registered - these vehicles are called end-of-series vehicles.

You can view a list of upcoming EC Directives and EC Regulations which contain mandatory entry into service dates for motor vehicles at the following table of upcoming Directives/Regulations. End of series exemption scheme

This scheme allows vehicle manufacturers and distributors to apply for a set period of additional time to register and sell end of series vehicles by granting exemptions from some of the latest changes to Directives/Regulations.

  • For passenger and goods vehicles a period of 12 months for complete vehicles and 18 months for completed (multistage) vehicles is granted. 
  • For motorcycles, mopeds, trikes and quads a period of 24 months is granted for complete vehicles and 30 months for completed vehicles (multistage).

The additional time begins on the date on which the changes were brought into law - or in other words the date the vehicle lost its type approval validity.  It is not related to the date an application for exemption is received or granted by the RSA. 

For passenger and goods vehicles

Applications can only be made on the basis that the vehicles, for which a derogation is being applied for, must have been manufactured no later than 3 months before the date that the new Regulation comes into force.  Therefore the date of issue on the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) must be 3 months or older.

For motorcycles, mopeds, trikes and quads

When applying for an End of Series Derogation, you can choose one of the following options (whichever is higher):

  • A total of 100 motorcycles (this includes all makes and models), OR
  • A maximum of 10% of the total number of motorcycles (all makes and models) sold by the manufacturer/importer in the previous 2 years.

Motorcycles (Category L)

How to apply

1. Download the relevant application form and its vehicle list excel template

        For Passenger and Goods Vehicles

         For Motorcycles, Mopeds, Trikes and Quads

2. Complete the application form in full - incomplete applications will not be processed

3. Application Forms and Excel Spreadsheets must be emailed in to vehiclestandards@rsa.ie

Please note:

  • The RSA reserve the right to seek copies (or originals) of the vehicle’s EC CoC’s
  • Applications can only be made by a vehicle distributor or manufacturer
  • There is no fee required for applications

Further Information

Should you have any further queries please contact us:

Vehicle Standards
Road Safety Authority
Moy Valley Business Park
Primrose Hill

Tel: 096 25014
email: vehiclestandards@rsa.ie  

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