Driving test update 


Driving test waiting list

If you are already on the driving test waiting list, please do not log in to MyRoadSafety to check for availability. Appointment slots are limited to those who have been invited to book a driving test and we will contact you directly when appointments become available.


If you have received an invitation to book a test, need to cancel a test, or wish to join the waiting list, please go ahead and sign in to MyRoadSafety now. For anyone else, we kindly ask you to visit another time when our portal is not so busy. Thank you for your patience at this time 


We can only offer test appointments to essential workers

If you are an essential worker and haven’t already received a test appointment but need one urgently please complete this online form. We will contact you when appointments become available.

If you are not an essential worker and have an upcoming appointment scheduled, please cancel your test. Otherwise, it won’t go ahead and the slot will be lost. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your fee. It will be saved as a service credit for you to book another test in the future.


Covid-19 safety measures

We have introduced new safety measures to the driving test which candidates must follow. Know more


Weather disruptions

Check if your driving test is affected by adverse weather conditions. Tests will be cancelled if conditions are unsafe.


Road safety is a multi-agency effort. We work in partnership with a number of groups toward a common road safety objective.

Key partners

Department of Transport

The Deparment – our majority funder – has responsibility to:

  • Deliver on the national roads programme as part of the National Development Plan
  • Implement the Government’s Road Safety Strategy in partnership with the RSA

An Garda Síochána

Partners with us on a range of fronts; notably on enforcement, speed detection, traffic management and education.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly National Roads Authority)

The NRA’s primary function under the Roads Act 1993 is to provide a safe and efficient network of national roads.

This is a key concern for us, as road type and quality is a contributing factor in many collisions.

Local authorities

The 29 county councils and five city councils carry out a number of key road safety functions, including:

  • Maintenance and improvement works on all regional and local roads
  • Issuing driving licences through Motor Taxation Offices (MTO)

Medical Bureau of Road Safety (MBRS)

The MBRS carries out tests on blood, urine and breath samples supplied by Gardai following road collisions, and conducts research into drinking/drugs in relation to driving.

AA Ireland

Apart from offering services to motorists, the AA has a strong policy-making remit within issues such as vehicle standards and road safety.

Approved Driving Instructors (ADI)

As the first point of engagement with new drivers, ADIs play a crucial role in raising driving standards and reducing the level of collisions, death and serious injury.