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Find out what StreetSmart is and what’s involved.

What is Streetsmart?

StreetSmart is an exciting initiative set up by the Road Safety Authority which aims to bring issues of road safety to life for young school children.  StreetSmart is designed for three distinct age groups: 4-5, 5-8 and 8-12 years. There is a combination of interactive activities available for each age group.

StreetSmart also involves a streetscape mat which invites children to carry out typical, everyday cycling or pedestrian tasks. They can dress up and adopt various roles such as a nurse, doctor, fire officer or ambulance driver. The Road Safety Authority representatives are on hand to coordinate the activities with the help of teachers at the school. It is an action packed, fun filled day that enhances the student’s knowledge of the rules of the road.

What will your child/student learn?

  • Road Safety
  • Cycle Safety
  • Travelling safely in a car/bus

How will your students learn these lessons?

  • Step Left, Step Right quiz
    This will test the child’s knowledge on a range of common road safety issues, educating them as to the right way of doing things through fun and engaging exercises.
  • A View from a Wheel
    This will allow children to sit behind the wheel of a toy car, letting them see the traffic conditions from the perspective of a motorist and illustrating how it can be difficult to see pedestrians.
  • Road Safety DVD
    Using a series of filmed street scenes, we will ask children for feedback as to what constitutes safe and unsafe pedestrian behaviour.
  • Road Safety Stories
    The objective is to get pupils discussing issues of road safety, prompted by a series of short stories.
  • Personalised Safety Licences
    As part of the programme students will receive a personalised safety license as a reward for completing their road safety activities.
  • StreetSmart StreetScape
    As mentioned above this is a typical street scene where students take on different roles such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. They learn from their own experiences and those of their classmates.  The Streetscape is in the form of a giant mat (9 metres x 10 metres) with a number of props provided to simulate a real street and which is assembled in the school hall or community centre.

Book StreetSmart for your school

If you would like the StreetSmart for your school then you should contact the Road Safety Authority by email at [email protected].
There are several questions that we need to ask you about your location before we can process your request for StreetSmart.

You can also contact the Road Safety Authority by post:
StreetSmart Coordinators,
Road Safety Authority
Moy Valley Business Park,
Primrose Hill,
Co. Mayo


by mobile phone or fax
m. (087) 7555846 f. (096) 25252