Further reading on GDL

Download and review documents relating to GDl measures in Ireland and abroad.

Size: 175kB

Graduated Driver Licensing Reforms-Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to commonly asked questions on GDL.

Size: 361kB

Graduated Driver Licence Recommendations-December 2009

This paper covers proposals on GDL made in 2009. Appendices A,C and D referred to within can be found in Additional documents to right on this page.

Size: 998kB

Graduated Driving Licensing System-Consultation Paper 2008

This 2008 paper examines possible ways to improve road safety in Ireland by helping learner and novice drivers gain experience over time.

Size: 1MB

Consultation Document on Compulsory basic Training for Motorcyclists in Ireland - March 2007

This 2007 document sets out proposals for how a compulsory basic(CBT)programme for novice motorcyclists in Ireland might be shaped.

Size: 2MB

OECD Report - Young Drivers, The Road to Safety

This document provides and overview of young driver risks and puts fprward recommendations for implementing countermeasures.

Size: 436kB

Graduated Driver Licensing: Effectiveness of Systems and Individual Components

This 2003 report details the graduated licensing systems in operation in Austraila, with a focus on components of the learner and intermediate licence phases.

Size: 679kB

Literature Review: Independent driving in the driver training and on-road assessment protocols–building an evidence base

This 2008 documennt is a review of the technical literature concerning independent driving, commissioned by The Driving Standards Agency in the UK.

Size: 991kB

Initial Basic Trainig Course for Motorcycling

The course syllabus sets out the training that a novice motorcyclist needs to complete before an approved Initial Basic Training (IBT) Instructor can issue the learner/trainee with a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.