Driving Test Update

Please note that our customer service agents cannot manage driving tests over the phone, so we kindly ask you not to call for this information. Driving tests should be managed directly through


When will I get a driving test?

We’ve launched a new online tool that estimates when you will be invited to book your car driving test. You must already be on the waiting list and eligible to sit a test. Know more >


Need to add yourself to the driving test waiting list?

Please sign up or log into our new customer portal to apply for a driving test and add yourself to the waiting list. This video will show you how


Covid-19 safety measures

We have put in place Covid-19 safety measures for the driving test which must be followed or your appointment will not go ahead. Know more>


Cancelling your driving test

You can cancel or reschedule your driving test online at

If you are cancelling due to Covid-19 restrictions

If you are cancelling your driving test due to Covid-19 symptoms, don't worry, you won't lose your fee. It will be saved as a service credit in your account and this can be used to book a future test.

You will be kept on the waiting list and we'll contact you directly as restrictions are lifted and appointment slots become available.

What's a service credit?

A service credit is an online credit note or voucher that can be used to pay for a future test. It will appear in your MyRoadSafety account in the 'My Service Credit' page a few days after you cancel your test. Please note that a service credit cannot be cashed or exchanged for money.


If you are cancelling for other reasons

If you are cancelling a driving test for reasons that are not related to Covid-19 restrictions, please note that you may lose your driving test fee.


If you have an appointment for car or motorbike test

Eligibility – you must be qualified to take the test. You cannot sit the test until you have held your first learner permit for at least 6 months and completed all of your driver training - that is, EDT for cars or IBT for motorbikes. If you have a driving test scheduled and have not yet completed all of your required driver training we will cancel your test 5 days before your appointment date.   Don’t worry, you won’t lose your fee and you will be kept on our waiting list.  

We are prioritising tests based on when a customer applied and is eligible.   As new driving test slots become available we will contact you by email and invite you to log onto to make your driving test booking.  

Please note there is no need to contact us to schedule a test as we are unable to schedule tests over the phone or by email request.

Essential Driver Training (EDT)  
If you have completed all of your EDT sessions, you should check with your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) that all your records have been uploaded to the ADI portal.  

Initial Basic Training (IBT) 
For motorbike applicants, you must have completed all required IBT modules and received a certificate of satisfactory completion from your instructor before you can take the test. 

Rescheduling your test

There is currently very limited availability of driving test slots and customers may be unable to reschedule their driving test.  If this is the case, you can follow the following steps so that we can notify you when there are slots available.

Steps to reschedule your booking/rejoin the waiting list:

1. Sign in to your MyRoadSafety account and go to ‘My Bookings’.

2. Click on the 'Reschedule' button and select an alternative test slot, if one is available.

3. If there are no slots available to reschedule your booking, you will need to cancel your original test booking first.  Choose 'No Availability' as your reason for cancelling.  Don’t worry, you won’t lose your fee or your place in the queue.

4. We will email you an invitation to book an appointment when test slots become available

Please note that if you do not cancel your existing booking you will be charged twice.

If you have an appointment for a CPC practical test

If you have a driving test appointment for a commercial vehicle test (e.g., bus or truck) as well as a CPC practical test, please make sure to cancel each test separately. Failure to do so will result in one of the tests not being cancelled and you will lose your fee.


How to cancel your driving test

To cancel your driving test please sign up or log onto and go to the 'My Bookings' page. Here you will see a list of all your current bookings and an option to cancel.  

If you are cancelling due to Covid-19, please make sure to select 'Covid symptoms' as your reason. This will ensure your service credit and place on the waiting list is saved.

Refund applications

In certain situations, we may agree to refund the money for a driving test. For example, if you are emigrating, or have made a refund request within 2 weeks of your original booking (provided the test date is outside the 10 day notice period).

The decision to refund any test fee is at the discretion of the RSA. Alternatively, we may offer you a service credit.