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Please note that our customer service agents cannot book or cancel driving tests over the phone or offer updates on waiting times, so we kindly ask you not to call for this information. Driving tests should be managed directly through



Are you an essential worker who needs a test urgently?

If you’re an essential worker who has already applied for a test and completed all of your driver training, please fill in an urgent test request form and we’ll prioritise your application. Know more >



Need to add yourself to the driving test waiting list?

Please sign up or log into our new customer portal to apply for a driving test and add yourself to the waiting list. This video will show you how



Essential worker declaration form for driver training

Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) can offer Essential Driver Training (EDT) to essential workers. If you need to complete your driver training, please fill in an  essential worker declaration form and present it to your instructor.





Covid-19 safety measures

We have put in place Covid-19 safety measures for the driving test which must be followed or your appointment will not go ahead. Know more>

Theory Test


What do you need to do?

If you want to be Driver CPC qualified for either a truck or bus:

Both theory tests are 100 multiple choice questions - you must correctly answer at least 74 of them to pass.

If you want to be Driver CPC qualified for both a truck and bus:

This test is 140 multiple choice questions - you must correctly answer at least 104 to pass.

Where do you need to go?

The theory test can be taken at one of our 40+ theory test centre locations nationwide or alternatively customers can avail of the new online testing service.

New online testing option for professional drivers

The Driver Theory test Service (DTTS) have rolled out a new online testing service, ProProctor, to allow customers to sit a driver theory test from the comfort of their own home or other suitable environment. During the pilot phase online testing will be available initially on a limited basis, up to 4,000 tests a month and extra capacity will be added later in the year to allow more customers to sit their theory test online.  This option gives you greater flexibility to choose where to test, when to test and how to test.  Learn More here

Alternatively, you can sit your driver theory test at one of our 40+ theory test centre locations nationwide.

You can book your theory test at

Your test result

When you finish your theory test you will get a score report. This will tell you whether you have passed or failed your test.

This information will be passed on by the Driver Theory Test Service to the RSA CPC Section.

If you have passed in a test centre, you will be given a Driver Theory Test Certificate
If you have passed your theory test online you will receive your theory certificate via email.

Your theory test certificate is valid for 2 years from the date you passed the test.

You can  Apply Online for your Learner Permit on
All you need is your Public Services Card  and your verified MyGovID  account.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment to attend an NDLS centre and make your application for a learner permit in person.

If you fail your theory test

You’ll get a score report with feedback telling you why you’ve failed.

You can book another theory test straight away, but you can’t take it for another 3 clear working days.

Reschedule or cancel your test

If you need to reschedule or cancel your Driver theory test, you must do so 5 business days before your test date.

Revision Material

The Driver Theory test service provide a range of learning material in the form of
Books, CD- Rom, Online Learning Portal and App.  Learn More here

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