Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor

To work as a driving instructor in Ireland you must be on the RSA’s Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). 

It is an offence to work as a driving instructor unless you are on this register and hold a permit from the RSA, 

It’s all part of the RSA’s mission to make Irish roads safer. 


If you wish to become an ADI you must first satisfy the RSA that you are a person of good character and:

What you need to do to become RSA ADI qualified

You are advised not to sign up for ADI training with an RSA approved training center until the eligibility requirements above are verified. This is to avoid incurring any unnecessary costs in the event that your application for registration is rejected for failing to meet these requirements.

To become a fully qualified ADI, you must complete three qualifying stages successfully:

1. ADI driving theory Computer based multiple choice assessment. RSA Eligibility number  for booking  the theory test will issue once Garda vetting has been approved. You now have the option of taking your ADI driver theory test from home. Learn more here.

2. ADI practical driving skills assessment

3. ADI practical driving instruction assessment

Note you need to progress on to the next stage in the process within 6 months of the date you completed the previous stage. To become an ADI, you must pass Stage 3 within two years of passing Stage 1.

Completing the process generally takes approximately 20 weeks.

All the information you need to know to become a qualified ADI is in our ADI Info Pack


Where you train to become an ADI

If you need training when becoming a qualified ADI, we have a list of trainers that can help you.


Exemptions to some parts of the RSA ADI qualification process

You may receive an exemption from some exam stages, depending on what qualifications you hold.

This is something that the RSA needs to verify. 

You can find information on exemptions on page 32 of the Driving Instructor Handbook.

You should send your original qualifications for review at the application stage.


Regulations you should be aware of

There are some regulations that you should know during your RSA ADI applications process.