Trade Management System – Making Test Centre Bookings faster for Motor Traders

Since May 2013 the NCTS has made it faster and easier for Motor Traders to book NCT tests at their local test centre, by introducing a voluntary Trade Management System.

So far, over 1,000 Motor Traders have signed up to the service, which provides them with:

  • Faster vehicle check-ins – no need to produce a driving licence or sign any declarations
  • Optional monthly statements that provide details on the vehicles tested, and their results
  • Regular updates on the latest changes to the NCT.

Motor Traders that sign up to the scheme may also get early access to potential new services, such as real-time information on available slots in their nearest Test Centres.

Registration is easy.

To get started, simply visit the registration form on the NCTS site, and have one of the following pieces of information ready for submission to NCTS:

  • VAT Number , You’ll find this on your Tax Clearance Certificate
  • TAN Number
  • No documentation required for TAN numbers
  • Company Registration Number, You’ll find this on your company headed paper
  • Personal Insurance Policy Number, You’ll find this on your Personal Car Insurance Policy
  • Motor Insurance Policy Numbers , You’ll find this on your Motor Traders’ Policy

Once your documentation has been received, NCTS will provide you with a barcode key fob that can be scanned at test centres each time you present a vehicle for testing – no need to provide additional identification or sign any declarations.

From July 28 2014, only these fobs or a driving licence will be accepted as identification at NCT test centres for bookings made on the same day.  Passports will no longer be accepted.