Driver CPC

Everything you need to know about the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) driver standard, including how to get one, how to keep one and who is exempt.

Getting your CPC

Questions answered on Driver CPC: who needs it, how to get it, how to keep it.

Acquired rights for truck drivers

As and from the 10th of September 2014 all professional truck drivers must carry a Driver CPC card.


Information about accessing and reviewing your CPC Training Records.

Annual training

What Driver CPC training involves and how to find a training centre.  

Find a CPC Trainer

List of approved Driver CPC trainers


A summary of the regulations that govern Driver CPC and the penalties that apply to those in breach of them.

Driver CPC video

This video gives an introduction to Driver CPC, the Driver Certificate in Professional Competence, which is required of all professional bus and truck drivers.