About Your Car

Why the NCT exists, which vehicles it applies to, and the benefits of having vehicles tested

Looking after your vehicle and maintaining it properly is a good habit anyway, but it also means it has a much better chance of passing the National Car Test (NCT).

Introduced in 2000, the aim of the NCT is to ensure that vehicles, particularly older ones, using Irish roads are in sound working order. All EU Member States are required to test the roadworthiness of motor vehicles.

Cars in Ireland must be tested four years after registration and thereafter every two years. Since January 2010, under new regulations approved by the Department of Transport, cars over 10 years old must be tested annually, rather than every second year, which had been the requirement previously.

The benefits of having vehicles tested include:

  • Safer, more reliable cars
  • Longer vehicle service life
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced air and noise pollution