No Name Club

Information about the partnership between the RSA and the No Name clubs initiative.

To recognise the value of the No Name Clubs (NNC) and its young members, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the NNCs formed a partnership in April 2010. The objective of this partnership is to engage young people (15-18 yrs old) in raising their awareness of the dangers associated with poor road safety behaviours. This will create a foundation for the development for safe road users now and in the future.

A number of exciting road safety initiatives were scheduled during the year from May 2010 – April 2011. These initiatives engaged with the members in a creative way via a social setting while addressed the issue of road safety.  All initiatives were developed on the basis that the winning entries would be reviewed and possibilities of production would be explored amongst all categories. The initiatives were received with great interest with many entries received across each category.

The initiatives for 2010/2011 included the following:

  1. Design an item of High Visibility Clothing for young people
    The winner for this category was Aaron Pender from Mouthbellew No Name Club.
  2. Design a Road Safety Poster
    Joint winners for this category were:
    Stephen Fleming, Killarney No Name Club.
    Karen Delahunty, Dungarvan, No Name Club.
  3. Design a greeting card with a road safety theme
    The winners for this category were:
    Cliodhná Murphy, Tubbercurry No Name Club who designed a Christmas greeting card.
    Thomas McKenna, Ballinrobe No Name Club who designed a Leaving Certificate Greeting card(PDF).
    Aisling Cawley, Islandeady, No Name Club, Valentine’s Day Greeting Card.

Owing to the success of the partnership between the RSA and the NNC, we will continue to partner and build on the success of the last twelve months. The initiatives planned for the next year are exciting and allow for every member in the No Name Clubs to get involved.