Tyre Safety

Tyre Safety

Tyre Safety

There is no component in your car that’s as likely to contribute to a crash as your tyres.

Research has told us that on average in 14 deaths each year, tyres were a contributory factor in the crash that killed the people involved.
The reason for this is that tyres simply aren’t on the radar. You never think about them until you need to. And we need to get people to think about them before it gets to that stage. To think about what a worn tyre might cost them.  What you might lose contact with when your tyres lose grip with the road.
So we needed a campaign that was bold. Something powerful to make people aware of this one point of contact their car has with the road. We needed something visually arresting. Something that put tyres top of mind.
Our most recent TV advertisement has the idea of “grip” at its heart. We see a man lose his grip with everyone close to him, in a frame that spins, as tyres do, (or as a car that has been flipped does).
It’s a disorientating journey, showing just what our man has lost. And a striking reminder that we all need to check our tyres to make sure we don’t lose grip with everything that matters to us.  Check your tyres regularly.

To highlight the dangers of driving with defective tyres, we have launched this powerful new TV, radio, social media, cinema and online advertising campaign entitled ‘Grip’. The purpose of the ad is to make people aware that tyres are the one point of contact their car has with the road.

The advertising campaign will commence Monday 4 April

Please see here for the presentation from Moyagh Murdoch, Chief Executive, RSA

Please see here for the presentation from Maggie Martin, Acting Research Manager, RSA


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