Soilse reatha lae

Soilse reatha lae

Soilse reatha lae

Lights aren't just for nighttime: turning on your lights during the day prevents collisions, which reduces death and injuries on the road. 

The RSA's Daytime Running light campaign encourages road-users to use their dipped headlights during the daytime to improve visibility on the roads.

Using dipped headlights makes it easier to see oncoming vehicles in the distance and prevents daytime head-on and front-corner collisions.

Remember - lights on to save lives.

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Running your headlights during the day makes a difference around the world:

  • Norway had 10% decline in daytime multiple-vehicle collisions between 1980 and 1990
  • Denmark found a 6% reduction in daytime multiple-vehicle collisions and a 34% reduction in left-turn collisions
  • The US had a 12% decline in fatal collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists in 2004 (from a NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study)