Problem behaviour

Some children go through a phase of constantly slipping out of the child seat harness or safety belt, or incorrectly adjusting straps or seatbelts, or releasing the buckle during journeys. This can be very worrying and frustrating for parents or guardians. It could be serious or even fatal for a child if the manufacturer guidelines are not carefully followed.

You should check that:

  • the harness or seatbelt is adjusted correctly to your child, in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and
  • your child is comfortable.

Incorrectly adjusted harness straps may cause your child to be uncomfortable leading them to push straps off or open buckles.

Here are some typical problem behaviours with advice on what you can do.

If your child:

  •  Slips their arms out of the harness… make sure the shoulder straps are resting on, or slightly above, your child’s shoulders in a forward-facing seat.
  • Pushes the safety belt under their arms, behind their back or moves it into an incorrect position… make sure the seatbelt is correctly positioned on your child’s shoulder and pelvic area and that they are comfortable.
  • Releases buckles… make sure buckles are correctly fastened at all times.