Adult seatbelts

The position of a seatbelt on the body is very important. A simple correction to the position of the seatbelt on your body can make a significant difference to the severity of injuries in a collision.


Seatbelts are designed for those who are 150cms (about 5ft) in height and taller. Don’t let your child start using the seatbelt on its own too soon as this can cause serious injuries to the child if there is a collision. Three-point safety belts (lap and diagonal) provide greater protection than lap belts. However, lap belts are better than no belt at all. 

How to buckle a seatbelt;

1. Allow plenty of excess strap and plug the seatbelt into buckle.

2. Position the lap section of the belt on the pelvic region / tops of thighs – not on the stomach.

3. Pull the slack on the lap section of the belt and feed up to the shoulder.

4. Position the diagonal section of the belt across the torso (chest) and on the shoulder – not the neck.

Some cars have seatbelt shoulder-height adjusters to help position the seatbelt on top of your shoulder.

The same positioning applies to children using adult seatbelts with their child car seat (high-back boosters). Wearing a seatbelt