Your Logbook

Learn how to use your logbook in the EDT course and view a sample logbook.

How the logbook works

When you start your first EDT session, you will be given an official logbook by your ADI to record the details of your training and progress, as well as necessary preparation for your next sessions. You can familiarise yourself with the format by viewing a sample logbook(PDF).

When you complete an EDT session, your ADI will stamp the relevant section of your logbook and record some feedback on how well or whether you met the session objectives. To meet the session objectives you must prepare properly, practice with a Sponsor and you may need to take additional instruction. 

An ADI can only sign the session they have given, so be sure to get your logbook updated by your ADI after each session. If you change ADIs, your new ADI will not be able to fill out your logbook for sessions you have already taken.

The logbook also provides space for both you and your Sponsor to assess your performance in your EDT sessions. This evaluation will help you understand what you need to practice to become a safer driver and how best to prepare for your next session.logbook
Bring your logbook to each EDT session

Replacement logbooks

If your logbook gets lost or damaged, you should make a report with the Gardai and you will then need to obtain a duplicate logbook from your ADI. This may involve a waiting period, so it is important that you keep your logbook secure.