Essential Driver Training(EDT) is a training course teaching fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. EDT is mandatory to all learners who received their first driving permit on or after 4 April 2011.


How to sign up for My EDT

To view your essential driver training records online, simply set up an account for My EDT. All you need to fill in is your full name, date of birth and driver number.

What is My EDT?

With My EDT, you can view your training record: what lessons youv'e completed, and when they were uploaded and what EDT lessons you have left to do. You can also print off any or all of your driving lessons.

Contact your driving instructor

If there are any differences between your online record of lessons and the lessons you've actually completed, contact your driving instructor. Your instructor will be able to update or correct anything in My EDT.

After your 12 lessons

You must have completed your 12 EDT driving lessons before you sit your driving test. However, you should talk to your driving instructor about your progress and be guided by him /her. Everyone is different: and If you need more lessons, your instructor will let you know. If you're ready for your driving test, you can apply online.

Ready for your test?