Learning to drive videos for motorcyclists

A series of ‘Learning to Drive’ videos explaining everything you need to know about doing their test and becoming socially responsible drivers. There are 13 videos in the series, each of which deals with a different aspect of the ‘learning to drive’ process for driving a car, motorcycle, bus or truck. They provide additional support and guidance to some of Ireland’s most vulnerable road users.

The videos, which are also available here and on the RSA’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/RSAIreland , cover every aspect of learning to drive a car or motorcycle, from taking the Driver Theory Test, to what happens on the day of the practical test.

 Video 4: Getting ready for your motorcycle test

Video 4 outlines everything you need to know about getting ready for your motorcycle test, from the initial steps involved in studying for your theory test right through to applying for your motorcycle test. The video will show a learner biker undergoing Initial Basic Training, known as IBT, with their IBT instructor. IBT is covered in more detail in Video 8. The video will also outline what you, as a learner biker, need to know about relevant safety equipment, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), motorcycle helmet and high vis tabard with an L plate. Finally, the video will also highlight your additional responsibilities, such as tax, insurance and the roadworthiness of your motorcycle.

 Video 5: On the day of your motorcycle test

Video 5 outlines what learner motorcyclists should expect on the day of their test, before you take your actual test. The video will go through what is required on the day, such as having the correct category of licence for the test you wish to take, your registration certificate, and the correct protective gear. The video will go through the documents you must provide and sign before the test and shows the bike tester and learner biker discussing the test in the test centre beforehand. The learner biker is shown answering questions on the Rules of the Road, demonstrating hand signals and demonstrating technical knowledge of a motorcycle. These are all requirements of the motorcycle test. Finally, the video reminds learner bikers that they will be instructed during their test via a radio mike given to them by the tester.

 Video 6: During your motorcycle test

This video demonstrates what happens during the motorcycle test, including the technical checks and the driving portion of the test which will be conducted via a radio mike as the tester follows behind you in either a car or on a bike. In the video, the different situations that you will be observed during the test are explained. This includes the emergency braking exercise, U-turn and obstacle avoidance manoeuvres as well as additional elements of the test. The video will also cover what happens after the test, if a candidate passes or fails, and what the candidate should do next in both situations.

 Video 7: Essential Driver Training (EDT)

In this video, the Essential Driver Training programme, known as EDT, is covered in more detail. The ultimate aim of EDT is to keep young drivers safe on Irish roads by working with them to become competent, confident and skilled drivers. The video will outline the different components of EDT, including the role of the ADI and how to find one, as well as how to choose a Sponsor, the person chosen by you to support you as you learn to drive. The video also shows what happens in your first EDT lesson as well as the preparation required beforehand. It will outline the purpose of the logbook and how it is used, what each of the 12 lessons will cover and how the learner driver uses self analysis to identify what needs to be practised with their Sponsor between lessons. 

 Video 8: Initial Basic Training (IBT)

This video goes into more detail on Initial Basic Training for learner motorcyclists, known as IBT. The purpose of IBT is to help the learner rider to master basic motorcycling skills through a series of 16 lessons with an IBT instructor. The video will also outline the preparation required of the learner biker before and during their IBT programme, what Personal Protection Equipment is needed during and after their training, as well as explaining what is covered in each IBT module.

  Video 13: Learner Motorcyclist

This video will outline the roles and responsibilities of the learner biker as you learn to ride a motorcycle. As with learning to drive, learning to bike is not just about doing a test – it is about learning the skills and behaviour required to be a lifelong safe road-user. This video will outline the Initial Basic Training programme as well as explain how you can get your Category A licence through Direct Access or Progressive Access.