The Test Result

Find out more about what your test result means and what to do if your vehicle has failed its test.

Categorisation of Deficiencies into Minor, Major & Dangerous

In accordance with EU Directive 2014/45, introduced May 2018. defects found during the course of the NCT are classified as minor, major or dangerous and appear in this format on your NCT Vehicle Inspection Report.

Minor Result

Should you receive this result, it means that the vehicle has passed the test with minor faults recorded. The vehicle should be repaired and represented at the test centre for a re-check before a NCT Certificate can be issued.

Major Result

Previously classified as a Fail Refusal:  The vehicle presenter will be advised that the vehicle has failed the NCT. The vehicle owner will have 30 days in order to have the item(s) repaired and return the vehicle to the centre for re-inspection. Note the re-inspection must be booked within 21 days of the initial test.

An NCT Certificate will not be issued until the vehicle is returned for a re-test and passes. Vehicles not presented within the 30-day period will be required to under-go a full test.

Dangerous Result

Previously classified as Fail Dangerous: Vehicles with dangerous defects identified constitute a direct and immediate risk to road safety such that, the vehicle should not be used on the road under any circumstances.

A sticker stating failed dangerous will be affixed to the vehicle by the Vehicle Inspector. The vehicle must be repaired, presented for re-inspection and pass before an NCT Certificate can be issued.

It is illegal for a vehicle to be driven on a public road with dangerous defects, which means the driver may incur penalty points and a court appearance if caught by An Garda Síochána.

The NCT Certificate

On successfully passing your test you will be issued with an NCT Certificate. The NCT certificate contains a detachable disc which you must display on the windscreen of your vehicle. You should keep the certificate safe and be able to present it on request to member of An Garda Siochana.

Further information on the items inspected in the NCT please refer to the NCT Testers Manual 2021 (PDF)  

Retests & Re-checks

All re-tests must be booked within 21 days of the initial test and completed within 30 days. Re-tests which do not require the use of a test lane, will be free of charge otherwise the re-test fee is €28.00. Free re-tests will cover minor visual items for example, replacement of windscreen wiper and registration plates.

If a re-test is not completed within 30 days of the initial test the full test must be repeated and will be charged accordingly.

Vehicles which require a re-check due to minor defects can be presented at any time for re-inspection. There is no fee for a re-check.