Driving Test Update

Please note that our customer service agents cannot manage driving tests over the phone, so we kindly ask you not to call for this information. Driving tests should be managed directly through


When will I get a driving test?

In line with the easing of restrictions, we are offering driving test invitations to those who are eligible to take their test and have been waiting the longest. Know more >


Need to add yourself to the driving test waiting list?

Please sign up or log into our new customer portal to apply for a driving test and add yourself to the waiting list. This video will show you how


Essential Driver Training (EDT) update

Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s) can now offer EDT to all customers so learner drivers no longer need to complete an essential worker declaration form. Know more >



Covid-19 safety measures

We have put in place Covid-19 safety measures for the driving test which must be followed or your appointment will not go ahead. Know more>


The National Car Test (NCT)

Due to Covid-19, all compliant vehicles had their test date extended by 4 months. A vehicle with a test due date on or after 28 March 2020 has now had their test due date extended by 4 months. 
See example below:

Original NCT Expiry Date New NCT Test Due Date
28 December 2020 28 April 2021
10 March 2021 10 July 2021
15 June 2021 15 October 2021

Note:  All Cars first registered on or after 1st August 2016 are not eligible for the 4-month extension.

Customers should note this change and are encouraged to check their new test due date on the Check NCT Due Date section on the NCTS website before booking their test.


NCTS are reminding customers that if they book a test that is more than 90 days earlier than the test due date, the test will be a voluntary early test and the NCT certificate issued will be valid for 1 or 2 years (depending on the age of the vehicle) from the date of the successful test.  NCTS are asking customers to note carefully the website messages they receive throughout the course of the booking process.


See here for frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and the resumption of the National Car Testing Service.

Find out more about the NCT, including preparing for your test, booking your test, what the test entails and the NCT certificate.

Changes to the NCT test 2021

In an effort to meet Ireland’s strategic objectives and continue to lead the way in improving road safety through the use of vehicle technology, Ireland, in accordance with EU Roadworthiness Directive 2014/45, will commence the use of OBD testing as part of the National Car Test (NCT) from 21 June 2021.

What is the NCT

Find out more about the NCT including the benefits of the NCT and the legislation underpinning the NCT.

Changes to the NCT May 2018.

In accordance with EU Directive 2014/45, a number of changes to periodic vehicle inspection are coming into force across all EU Member States during 2018 with the first of these changes implemented on the 20th May 2018. The purpose of these changes is to unify vehicle inspection across the EU. Find out more.

Test Frequency, Due Dates and Voluntary Early Testing

Find out when and how often your car must undergo a NCT, what happens if you get your vehicle tested early and information on test due dates on vehicles that transfer from SPSV to private.

Booking an NCT & Test Fees

Find out where your nearest test centre is located and how you can go about booking an NCT

NCT Preparation & Process

Find out how to prepare for your test, how much the test costs and what the test examines. Download the testers manual.

NCT Test Result

Find out more about what your test result means and what to do if your vehicle has failed its test.

NCT Statistics

Find statistics in relation to the NCT including annual pass/fail rates and make and model data. Download NCT Annual Reviews.

The NCT Certificate & Recognition Certificates

Information on the NCT certificate including checking the validity of a certificate, what to do if you need to get a replacement certificate and Information on EU Recognition Certificates.

NCT Odometer Readings & Verification

Since July 28, 2014 the NCTS are printing vehicles’ odometer readings (to a maximum of three prior readings) on NCT certificates. Find out more here.

Modified Vehicles

The NCT includes additional test items for vehicle modifications such as exhaust noise levels and window tinting. Find out more about the NCT & modified vehicles.

Trade Management Systems

Since May 2013 the NCTS has made it faster and easier for Motor Traders to book NCT tests at their local test centre, by introducing a voluntary Trade Management System. Find out more about signing up for this system.

NCT Complaints Procedure

Find out what the procedure is if you wish to appeal the outcome of an NCT.

RSA NCT Surveys

The Road Safety Authority contacts a sample of customers for the purposes of customer service research. If you do not wish to be contacted to undertake customer service research please send your name and address to: [email protected] and you will not be included in any future surveys.

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