Driving test update


Test appointments are by invitation only

Test appointments are by invitation only so if you’re already on the driving test waiting list, no further action is needed. We’ll contact you directly when slots become available.


If you have received an invitation to book a test, need to cancel a test, or wish to join the waiting list, please go ahead and sign in to MyRoadSafety now.


Urgent Tests for essential workers

Under the current restrictions, we can only offer urgent tests to essential workers. If you’re an essential worker who has already applied for a test but need it urgently please complete this online form.


If you are not an essential worker and have an upcoming appointment scheduled, please cancel your test. Otherwise, it won’t go ahead and the slot will be lost. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your fee and you will be kept on the waiting list. We will contact you directly once the level 5 restrictions have been lifted and appointment slots are available.


Covid-19 safety measures

We have introduced new safety measures to the driving test which candidates must follow. Know more


Weather disruptions

Check if your driving test is affected by adverse weather conditions. Tests will be cancelled if conditions are unsafe.

Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing

The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) is a roadworthiness test for all commercial vehicles, buses with more than eight passenger seats and ambulances, all over one year old. Find out more about how to book a CVRT and what the test entails.


Update on RSA Services affected by move to Level 5 Covid19 Restrictions

The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing service (CVRT) has been identified as an essential service and centres remain open. Anyone with an appointment to attend a CVRT centre should attend as normal and are exempt from Level 5 travel restrictions.

It may be useful to bring proof of your appointment if stopped by a member of An Garda Síochána on your way to your test. See here for frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and the resumption of Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing.

Commercial vehicle owners have the responsibility to ensure their vehicle(s) are maintained in a roadworthy condition when used on a public road. Further information on vehicle maintenance can be found here.


What is the CVRT?

Information about the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test benefits and what it involves.

Operator Self Declaration

All operators of Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) are required by law to make an online ‘Self-Declaration’ to the RSA in relation to their Heavy Goods Vehicles, Goods trailers, Buses and Ambulances.

Book a HCV test

HCVs must take a commercial vehicle test every year to renew their commercial vehicle certificate of roadworthiness. Vehicles that fail the test must repair their failure items before they can be re-tested.

Book a LCV test

LCVs are required to take a commercial vehicle test every year to renew their commercial vehicle certificate of roadworthiness. Vehicles that fail must have failure items repaired before they can be re-tested.

Test Centre Locations

Find your nearest test centre

Book a Motor Caravan test

Find out more about roadworthiness testing of Motor Caravans.

Certificate of Roadworthiness

This page explains what a certificate of roadworthiness (CRW) is, why you need one and what to do if you lose one


A summary of the regulations that apply to the testing of commercial vehicles 

Carrying Dangerous Goods (ADR)

Any vehicle which carries or transports dangerous goods is required by law to meet certain detailed technical requirements.