Vehicle Safety

Find out some safety basics concerning your vehicle and your vehicles parts

Safety Ratings

Knowing more about European vehicle safety ratings can help you prioritise safety performance when purchasing a new car.

Safety Features

While fuel consumption, comfort and price are important factors when purchasing a vehicle, we recommend that you consider a vehicle’s safety features as a top priority in making your decision.

Safety Maintenance

It is your legal obligation to maintain your vehicle in a proper working condition at all times anda breach of this is against the law.  

Vehicle Recalls

Motor vehicles are legally required to be manufactured in such a way as to be sufficiently safe and environmentally acceptable for road use. In some cases vehicles may be subject to a recall when a particular vehicle component is found to be, or becomes, dangerously or prematurely defective during use of the vehicle. In such instances, the manufacturer is obliged to contact owners of affected vehicles to arrange for repairs and / or adjustments to be carried out.


Buying a used Car

If you are thinking of buying a used car, always get the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic who is independent from the seller, and carry out a detailed history check before any sale takes place.