Driving Test Update

Please note that our customer service agents cannot manage driving tests over the phone, so we kindly ask you not to call for this information. Driving tests should be managed directly through


When will I get a driving test?

We’ve launched a new online tool that estimates when you will be invited to book your car driving test. You must already be on the waiting list and eligible to sit a test. Know more >


Need to add yourself to the driving test waiting list?

Please sign up or log into our new customer portal to apply for a driving test and add yourself to the waiting list. This video will show you how


Covid-19 safety measures

We have put in place Covid-19 safety measures for the driving test which must be followed or your appointment will not go ahead. Know more>


Beep Beep Day

Beep Beep Day is a national road safety awareness day for pre-school children.

Beep Beep Day takes place in crèches and Montessori schools around the country every year. It usually takes place on the Friday during Irish Road Safety Week (08 October) but it can take place at any other time during the year too.

On Beep Beep Day, children aged 5 and under will practise basic road safety skills with the Simon and Friends road safety storybooks, songs, games and activities.


If you missed out on packs this year, we are sorry but please be sure to mark in into your diary to check back with us in late August next year.


Thank you for your interest in Beep Beep Day 2021.

All orders placed successfully will be delivered in time for Beep Beep Day on the 08 October.