Booster Cushion

Booster cushions are available for children from 15kgs (33lbs) however the RSA does not recommend using booster cushions for children under 22kgs (48lbs) because they do not provide as much protection to the child as a high back booster seat that has head, neck and back protection. The adult seatbelt goes around the child and through the appropriate guides of the seat, so it is important that the safety belt is correctly adjusted and that there is no slack in the seatbelt when fastened.

Booster cushions raise the child up high enough so that the seatbelt is positioned correctly on their bodies (on the shoulder, not the neck; and on the pelvis, not the stomach).

Children should use a high-back booster seat for as long as possible – up to 36kgs (up to 79lbs) – rather than the booster cushion by itself. The booster cushion on its own provides no back or head protection.