Taxi Regulator

Information on Taxi regulation in Ireland

The Minister for Transport dissolved the Commission for Taxi Regulation by order S.I. 614 of 2010 on the 1st January 2011. With effect from that dissolution date, the National Transport Authority started to carry out the principal functions of the Commission under the 2003 Taxi Regulation Act.

The National Transport Authority is a statutory body which was established by the Minister for Transport on 1st December 2009. The Authority has a wide range of functions including the national provision of public passenger land transport services as well as transportation planning and investment in the Greater Dublin Area.

The Board of the Authority now decides the key taxi regulation decisions.  The management and administration of taxi regulation matters is carried out by a directorate within the Authority called the Taxi Regulation Directorate.

An Advisory Committee to the Authority, appointed by the Minister for Transport, is in place to advise the Authority or the Minister as appropriate in relation to issues relevant to small public service vehicles, their drivers and Dispatch Operators. For more information see Taxi Regulation website