The law exempts the use of a tachograph for certain commercial vehicles

Tachographs record speed, distance, time and driver hours.  In a limited number of cases their use is not required.

The main exempted cases are:

  • A passenger vehicle constructed and equipped to carry not more than nine people, including the driver
  • A vehicle whose gross vehicle weight is not more than 3.5 tonnes
  • A vehicle with between 10 and 17 seats (including driver’s seat) used exclusively for the non-commercial carriage of passengers
  •  A vehicle with a maximum authorised speed not exceeding 40kph

Download our guide to Exemptions and Derogations from the Tachograph and Drivers Hours rules (PDF) document for further information.

Drivers, operators and bus and truck owners claiming an exemption they are not entitled to will be prosecuted by the Courts.

If your vehicle is exempt based on any one of the reasons detailed in this form you should:

  • Download and complete the Tachograph Declaration Form (PDF)
  • Bring the signed form to your relevant commercial vehicle test (CVRT) test centre when the vehicle is being tested
  • Ask the CVT centre to stamp the form in the box at the bottom of page two: ‘Stamp of Authorised Tester’ and then request that they upload the form to the test record on their computer system.

Alternatively, you can ask your vehicle (CVR) test centre to print off a copy of the Tachograph Declaration Form which will be pre-populated with details of your vehicle. You can then complete the form and following the remaining steps as above