How much training do you need to do?


You must do 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep your Driver CPC to drive a truck or bus.

To keep compliant with your Driver CPC training you will have to attend one unique training module per year over 5 years.

If you hold a dual card for both bus and truck Driver CPC, you must attend a total of 42 hours of training over 5 years. This consists of 6 training modules. You must still complete at least 1 unique module per year. You will have to complete 2 modules in 1 year.

If you do not complete the required training every year you will not receive a new Driver CPC card after 5 years. 

You will be penalised for driving professionally without Driver CPC

You must carry your Driver CPC card while driving a truck or bus professionally. 

If you are stopped by an RSA Transport Officer or An Garda Síochána and you do not your Driver CPC card penalties will apply.

You can check how many hours of training you’ve done in the current 5-year period.