Assistance with periodic training


Professional drivers are required to complete one day of CPC periodic training per year in order to maintain their CPC qualification on an ongoing basis.  This is classroom based training covering a minimum of 7 hours.  The training is structured to ensure that all drivers can comfortably participate in the class with the training consisting of class discussion, power point presentations with some reference to the CPC training manual which all participant receive at the start of the course, there are also simple road safety quizzes and videos. 

The RSA recently published the CPC training syllabus on audio disc, this is for any driver who may experience difficulty in following the text in the CPC training manual. The discs are available from the Driver Education Manager by request.   In addition the RSA also facilitates payment for an Irish sign Language (ISL) Interpreter at annual CPC training courses.  Once the particular training course is scheduled and approved the RSA Access Officer liaises with the various Deaf Advocacy Groups to advise their members of the training.