Links to key research

A round-up of important road safety research in Ireland and the EU

Size: 286kB

Alcohol In Fatal Road Crashes in Ireland

Study of fatal crashes involving alcohol in 2003

Size: 2MB

Annual National Seatbelt Survey 2008

Results from the annual adult and child seatbelt survey

Size: 565kB

Child Casualties Report

1997-2006 study of children(0-14 years)and road deaths

Size: 680kB

EU Performance Index

EU Road Safety Index road safety statistics from 27 European capitals

Size: 5MB

Free Speed Survey 2006

Study of average driving speeds in urban and rural areas

Size: 407kB

Motorcycle Road Collision Casualties, 1997-2006

Trends in fatal collisions involving motorcycles

Size: 2MB

Road Collision Facts, 2008

Detailed analysis of road crashes based on information supplied by the Garda Siochana

Size: 995kB

Safety in Irish Cities, 1997-2006

Pattern of road collisions in different Irish cities

Size: 175kB

Scientific Evidence Behind One Drink Impairs Driving

Summary of the evidence behind RSA claim that even one drink can affect driving competence by Dr.Bedford