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Vulnerable Road Users

Vulnerable Road Users

'Put yourself in their shoes'

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) launched its new Vulnerable Road Users campaign, Monday 9th April 2012. This new campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the vulnerability of road users such as pedestrian and cyclists and calling for all road users especially drivers to share the road safely.

Between 1996 and 2009, 197 pedal cyclists have been killed on Irish road. This represents 4% of all road deaths. An additional 741 cyclists were seriously injured.

During the same period, 5,323 people have been killed on Irish road. Out of this 22% (1162) were pedestrians and an additional 3,863 pedestrians were seriously injured.

As part of the campaign a new 50” TV advert has been developed, which highlights three near misses– an older man walking in dark clothes on a country road, a driver weaves into the path of a cyclist she doesn’t see, and a young man going to work tired gets distracted at a red light. It becomes clear the person who almost causes the collision is the same as the person who was almost the victim. It illustrates how we all use the road differently and encourages you to ‘put yourself in their shoes’.

To raise awareness of those vulnerable on our roads, the RSA launched the new public service Vulnerable Road Users 50” TV and new 30” Radio advert Monday 9th April 2012.

For further information on using the road safely please visit  

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TV adverts

Radio Ads


Between 1996 and 2009:
- 49% of pedal cyclists killed were hit by private cars
- 40% of the cyclists were killed or seriously injured at intersection (i.e. T-junction, cross road etc)
- 43% of the pedal cyclists were killed during the summer months (June to    September).
- 34% of the cyclists were killed at intersection (i.e. T-junction, cross road etc)
- 77% of pedestrians killed were in urban areas
- 59% of pedestrians killed were hit by private cars.
- About 40% of pedestrians killed were otherwise crossing the road
- 33% of pedestrians killed were aged 65 and over.
- 23% of pedestrians were killed on dark roads with no lighting in rural areas.