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Types of offences

A list of the offences that attract penalty points

Changes to Penalty Points on 12 November 2019

 From 12 November 2019, there is a new specific offence of dangerous overtaking of a cyclist, the fine will be €120 and 3 penalty points on payment of a fixed charge if paid within 28 days, €180 payment outside 28 days, €240 third payment option. If it goes to Court and there is a conviction 5 penalty points and a fine applies.

The introduction of the new law will be highlighted by the rollout of new signage warning motorists to provide for adequate overtaking space for cyclists. The signage includes providing for a one metre distance overtaking space (in locations with speed limits less than 50km/h) and 1.5 metre distance (where speed limit exceeds 50 km/h). 

Changes to Penalty Points on 26 October 2018

Introduction of Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2018 drink driving provisions will take effect from 26/10/2018.

Under this legislation Drink driving offences where the BAC- Blood Alcohol Concentration is between 50mg and 80mg per 100 millilitres of blood – a €200 fixed charge and a 3 month driving ban will apply. Driver is given 14 days Notification of driving ban.

This is a change from conditions that previously applied which was a €200 fixed charge and three penalty point endorsement on a driving licence for 3 years.

If fixed charge is not paid, the driver will be liable to being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and brought to court, where fine not exceeding €5000 or term of imprisonment not exceeding 6 months, or both.

Changes to Penalty Points on 17 April 2016

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe TD, announced a new Fixed Charge Notice (FCN) offence for motorists who drive with defective or worn tyres on their vehicle on 15 April 2016.

Although it is already an offence to drive a vehicle with defective or worn tyres, there will now be a fixed charge (or fine) of €80, with two penalty points endorsed on the licence on payment of the fixed charge for commission of the offence, or four penalty points following conviction in court. 

The new regulations take effect from Sunday, 17 April 2016.

See here for a full list of penalty point offences

Changes to Penalty Points on 8 December 2014

Changes to the penalty points system were introduced 1 August 2014 and again on 8 December 2014. On 1 August 2014 the most notable changes involved an increase in penalty points for speeding, seatbelt wearing and for using a mobile phone while driving- for a list of all those changes please click on this link. A further significant change from 1 August 2014 is that a person taking out a first learner permit after that date will be disqualified on reaching seven penalty points. The same rule will apply to a person (who first took out a learner permit after 1 August 2014) taking out a full licence for the first two years of that full licence. This is the two year period while a driver is considered to be a novice driver. 

On 8 December 2014 changes were made in the case of twenty-five penalty point offences, for a full list of these changes please click here. Fourteen new penalty point offences were introduced, nine offences had the existing level of points increased and two offences had procedural changes where points can be applied without a court conviction. For Frequently Asked Questions on the changes introduced on 8 December 2014 please click on this link.

Among the most significant changes are that a learner driver driving unaccompanied or not displaying L plates or motorcyclists not wearing an L tabard now become penalty point offences. Penalty points also apply to a novice driver who does not display N plates or motorcyclists not wearing an N tabard. For a full list of all current penalty points please click on this link.

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