Our brand new customer portal, MyRoadSafety is now live. It gives you access to all of our digital services, including a new and improved driving test booking system.

MyRoadSafety allows you to safely manage your driver information, test bookings, permits and licences from the comfort of your own home.  

Waiting for a Test Date?

When you register with MyRoadSafety you can set your driving goal. If no suitable test dates are available you will be presented with a facility to be placed on a waiting list. When new driving test slots become available you will be contacted to advise you of this and invite you to log onto MyRoadSafety to make your driving test booking.

Need a test urgently?

If you are an essential worker and require an urgent test in connection with that work, then you can request a test here.  

About Your Car

Why the NCT exists, which vehicles it applies to, and the benefits of having vehicles tested

Looking after your vehicle and maintaining it properly is a good habit anyway, but it also means it has a much better chance of passing the National Car Test (NCT).

Introduced in 2000, the NCT is a preventative road safety measure that ensures cars using Irish roads are subject to a basic safety check at regular intervals. The NCT confirms that a vehicle satisfies basic safety standards on the day the test is carried out.  It tests what is accessible and visible. It does not confer a warranty as regards the condition of the vehicle.

Passenger cars are required to undergo a roadworthiness test when they are four years old and every two years thereafter. An annual NCT for cars 10 years and older commenced with effect from 1 June 2011.

Looking after your vehicle and maintaining it properly is a good habit but it also means it has a much better chance of passing the NCT.

Benefits of the NCT
• Safer, more reliable vehicles
• Longer vehicle service life
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Reduced air and noise pollution
• Avoidance of Penalty-points Since 1 May 2009, you can receive penalty points for driving a vehicle on a public road that does not have a valid NCT

A vehicle needs to be serviced in line with Manufacturer’s guidelines, even if it has a valid NCT cert. A dealer should be willing to give their own warranty on a vehicle they’re selling. If not, this should immediately raise concerns regarding the condition of the vehicle. All buyers of second hand vehicles are advised to have the vehicle independently assessed before purchase.

Booking your NCT
When your vehicle is due to be tested, you must book with the NCTS : they will then send you an SMS, email or letter with details of your test appointment.

Find out more about the NCT including the benefits of the NCT and the legislation underpinning the NCT on National Car Test (NCT).