Analysis of Road User Groups


Size: 2MB

Pedestrian Fatalities 2008 to 2015

Size: 249kB

2010-2014: Review of summer road collisions

Analysis of fatal and serious injury collisions occurring over the summer months of June, July and August 2010 to 2014

Size: 944kB

2012: Cyclist Injuries infographic

59% increase in the number of cyclists injured on Irish roads.

Size: 6MB

2012: Cyclist Injuries 2012

A Review of 2012 Casualties Research Department.

Size: 484kB

1998- 2008: Pedal Cyclists Road Casualties

Size: 407kB

1997-2006: Motorcyclists road collision casualties

Size: 1MB

1997-2012: Child Casualty Report

Published 27th August 2014

Size: 596kB

1997-2009: Child Casualty Report

Size: 565kB

1997 - 2006: Child Casualty Report