Mess & Crash

Mess & Crash

RSA launched the Mess and Crash campaign to highlight the danger of speeding: Every time human error causes a road collision it is the speed of the vehicles which determines the outcome – whether someone lives or dies, or is maimed for life.

Speed is directly killing an average of 141 people a year in Ireland, but impacting over 500 road deaths a year, making speed the biggest contributing factor to road deaths in Ireland.

But research shows that a reduction in speed leads to a reduction in collisions.  "We are committed to making our roads safer," says Assistant Chief Constable Roy Toner.  "In the first three years of the Safety Camera Scheme, there has been a 41% reduction in the number of fatal or serious injury collisions."

Gay Byrne, Chairman of RSA, sums it up: "The faster the speed, the bigger the mess."

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Everyone is at risk.  These were the drivers responsible for fatal or serious injury collisions by age and gender in the Republic of Ireland from 1996 to 2004.