He drives, she dies

He drives, she dies

He drives, she dies

Fact: Males account for 80% of the drivers in fatal collisions, compared to 20% for female drivers.

The Road Safety Authority launched it’s ‘He Drives, She Dies’, campaign Wednesday 7th July 2010. The campaign consists of a radio advertisement, poster ad campaign and online activity designed to empower females to say no to getting into a car with a guy who drives dangerously.

The campaign was first launched in June 2008 with the cross-border health services partnership CAWT (Co-Operation and Working Together), financed by the European Union.

The 2009 campaign was launched by Aoife Kelly, Rose of Tralee, who works as an occupational therapist at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire, and sees the tragic results of speeding and drink driving every day.

"Ladies, think before getting into a car with a guy who is prepared to risk your life and his," she says. "Reckless driving is not impressive and people do not realise the consequences of such crazy behaviour until they attend a funeral of a family member, best friend, or a lost loved one."

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  • 67% of female passengers killed from 1998 to 2007 were in a vehicle with a male driver.
  • Males are the drivers in 80% of fatal collisions.
  • 89.7% of alcohol related crashes involved male drivers.
  • Males between the ages of 17 and 24 cause the most fatal collisions: