Christmas Road Safety

Christmas Road Safety

At the 2009 launch of the Christmas Road Safety campaign, president Mary McAleese said,

"This campaign is about bringing people safely home. It is about educating all of us to the dangers, the risks, that lurk in this most common of activities going out and about from A to B, using our roads that are there to be used, but used cautiously, conscious that the choices we make can bring us and others safely home or they can take us to early graves, to appalling disability or illness and a lifetime of loss, regret and sorrow."

The RSA aims to reduce the amount of road deaths and injuries during the 6 week holiday period, by educating the public, and increasing regulation on the roads during Christmas.

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Between 1997 and 2007, 1,557 people were seriously injured in road crashes during the traditional six week Christmas and New Year period.

For every road death in the EU, there are at least 44 road injuries. Of those 44 road injuries, 8 are classified as 'serious'.

According to the International Brain Injury Association, road crashes account for 50% of all traumatic brain injuries. They are the leading cause of brain injury for people under 65.

According to the International Campaign for Cures and spinal Cord Injury Paralysis (ICCP), more than 50% of spinal cord injuries are due to a road crash.