Circulars issued by RSA to Commercial Vehicle Testing Centres in 2011. Please note that these are historical circulars and any reference made regarding contacting Authorised Officers in your local authority should be ignored. From 21st February all queries relating to these circulars should be directed to the RSA

Size: 206kB

Circular RSA VI 07/11 Clarification on Safety Belt Certifcation

Size: 81kB

Circular RSA VI 05/11

Test Charges

Size: 99kB

Circular RSA VI 06/11

LGV Manufacturers Plate Requirments

Size: 74kB

Circular RSA VI 03/11 Requirement for weight docket for LGV Testing

Size: 74kB

Circular RSA VI 04/11

Trailers towed by land tractors

Size: 79kB

Circular RSA VI 02/11 LGV Test Manual Changes

Size: 75kB

Circular RSA VI 01/11 Bus Safety Belt Verification

Size: 2MB

Appendix 1 Safety belt verification handout

Size: 63kB

Safety Belts on Buses Owner Declaration Form