Direct access and progressive access to different motorcycle categories

Information regarding how you can access the motorcycle category you wish to have, and how to progress from one category to another.

From the 19th January 2013, there are changes to licensing requirements regarding motorcycles as follows:

  • How you access different categories of motorcycles;
  • Changes to the minimum age requirements to hold a licence for the different categories of motorcycles;
  • The addition of a new category of motorcycle (the A2).

Minimum age





AM (Previously known as “M”)
Mopeds and 3 wheeled vehicles with a maximum design speed of 45km/h as well as light quadricycles



A1 Motorcycles up to 125cc, with a power rating not more than 11kW with a power to weight ratio no greater than 0.1kW/kg




Motorcycles less than 35kW, with a power/weight ratio not greater than 0.2kW/kg and not derived from a vehicle more than double its power



A All motorcycles including those greater than 35kW



* Specific requirements for these categories are in place when presented to the driving test.  Information on representative vehicles for the driving test can be found here. 

You can access the various motorcycle categories by ‘direct access’ or ‘progressive access’.

Direct Access

Direct access is where you have not previously held a full licence in a lower category of motorcycle previously.

Progressive Access

Progressive access applies to categories A2 and A.  This means that you may be entitled to complete a course of training in order to obtain the higher motorcycle category full licence.  For example, if you are 18 years of age and you have held a full Category A1 licence for 2 years, you can complete a training course (or progression module) of Initial Basic Training on an A2 motorcycle, and upon satisfactory completion of the training, you can get your full Category A2 licence.

For more information on accessing a higher category refer to our Motorcycle Chart(PDF).