Tools for ADI exams

Marking sheets and assessment guides for candidate ADI's (cADI's)

cADI examiners

Driving examiners are based at RSA-approved training centres across the country and are responsible for testing and approving trainee instructors (candidate-ADIs).

Being an examiner is all about the detail: knowing what to look for during the test(s), observing the candidate’s behaviour on the road, marking him or her against a set range of criteria and, finally, using the scorecard to decide whether the candidate has passed or failed the test.

In this section, you’ll find marking sheets and assessment guides for stages 2 and 3 of the ADI examination process.


ADI examination results

The table below sets out the overall results of the various ADI examination stages as well as the pass rates for the ongoing quality assurance check test.

Test 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Stage 1 – Theory Test  73% 73% 73% 73% 72%
Stage 2 – Practical Driving Test 74% 73% 73%  73% 72%
Stage 3 - Practical Teaching test 78% 79%  78% 78% 78%
Check test 66% 69% 69% 69% 74%
Total number of ADI’s on Register 1971 1948 1879 1815 1735

The improvement in Check test pass rates is welcome and is perhaps a reflection on familiarity with the process and ADI’s being more comfortable with process. Where an ADI is not successful at their first check test feedback is provided both verbally and in written form. The feedback aims to support ADI’s by identifying areas of their training that can be strengthened to the benefit of their customers. Most of those ADI’s then pass at their second attempt.

As with all examinations preparation is key and useful information on how to prepare for both the initial qualification, as well as the periodic check tests is included along with a recommended reading list in the RSA’s Driving Instructor Handbook which is available through most good bookshops.

In addition support for those preparing for the qualifying examinations is available from a number of approved ADI training providers a list including contact details are available here.

The ADI Check test consists of a biennial quality assurance check, usually conducted during a live practical driving lesson. By completing your check test when called, you can avoid the risk of a delay in connection with the renewal of your driving instructor’s license. For further information see our information booklet Guide to the Check test.