'We all share the road'

Cyclists are entitled to road space as much as cars, vans, goods vehicles or indeed any other vehicle on the road. This commercial aims to educate drivers on sharing the roads safely with cyclists, and motorists’ responsibility to cyclists as vulnerable road users.

Although the commercial is primarily aimed at motorists, throughout the commercial the perspective changes between cyclists and motorists, swapping from one to the other as they encounter each other. This is to contrast the perceived safety of a car versus the vulnerability of a bike, and to make motorists aware of this vulnerability.

The general message is the need for drivers to properly observe the road at all times for the presence of cyclists, be they commuters, shoppers, family or racing groups. However, it focuses specifically on a number of key manoeuvres. These include:

  • Anticipating cyclists at junctions and checking the various driver blind spots.
  • Checking mirrors and blind spots when getting out of a parked vehicle to avoid the risk of ‘dooring’ a cyclist that might be passing by.
  • Allowing plenty of space when over-taking a cyclist, particularly when they are cycling in groups or two abreast.

Ultimately, we are asking motorists to be respectful of cyclists and mindful of how they use the road. We all share the road, and if we’re considerate of each other, we’ll see fewer needless accidents and deaths.

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